Resource Manager error, unable to retrieve user settings

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Issue / Question

When a user attempts to log into Resource Manager they receive the following error message: "Unable to retrieve the user settings. The default settings will be used.Message: Server message:"   Users who are already logged into Resource Manager may also see unexpected behavior.  For example, when logging into Resource Manager for the Zebra YMS, on the left-hand pane there is a A-DataEntry menu item.   Expanding the A-DataEntry node should display a list of one-click data entry forms; however, users may not be able to see any of the forms. Users may also see error messages when attempting to use data entry forms or make updates from the YMS Door Manager.

Applicable To

Resource Manager

Resolution / Answer


A few quick things to try: Restart the Zebra services on the VSS server, specifically IIS (this usually works). Restart the server. Recreate the user account if necessary (if only one user is experiencing the problem).

+ Applicable Products

  • WhereCall V
  • WhereLAN III
  • WherePort IV
  • WhereTag IV
  • WhereWand II