SPI_GETOEMINFO parameter of SystemParametersInfo function returns OEM name as MC67NA for MC55X/E0 device.

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Issue / Question

MC55E0 returns the same OEM Name as MC67NA

Applicable To

MC55X/E0 devices

Resolution / Answer

The MC55E0 will return the same OEM Name as MC67NA by design, as there are many shared components between the products.

In order to find a unique product identifier, call RCM_GetOemName function by loading RCMAPI32.dll.
Steps to get proper OEM name:

  • Load RCMAPI32.dll by calling LoadLibrary function.
  • Get reference handle of RCM_GetOemName function by calling GetProcAddress
  • Declare the reference handle same as prototype of RCM_GetOemName.
  • Now call the function using returned reference handle with required parameters.

Declaration of function RCM_GetOemName:
DWORD RCMAPI RCM_GetOemName(WCHAR *lpszProductName)

Install spr36718_mc55e0_wm_en_025700_v1_0_wb.cab file to avail the functionality. Download>>

+ Applicable Products

  • MC55X