SSI Bluetooth Connection using STB3678 cradle

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How to pair the RS6000 with a STB3678 cradle?

RS6000 Bluetooth scanner will not pair and connect to an STB3678 cradle

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SSI Bluetooth Connection using STB3678 cradle

For information on STB3678 cradle configuration and usage refer to the DS36x8 user guide. Read More>>

To pair the RS6000 with a STB3678 cradle:

  1. Connect the STB3678 cradle to the host computer.
  2. Using the RS6000, scan the pairing bar code on the STB3678 cradle.

The Status LED blinks blue indicating that the RS6000 is attempting to establish a connection with the STB3678.
When the connection is established, the Status LED turns off and the RS6000 emits a single string of low/high beeps.


  1. Before pairing the RS6000 with a different device, perform clean boot. See Clean Boot on page 25. Read More>>
  2. RS6000 firmware version must be 002-R00 or newer. Read More>>
  3. STB3678 firmware version must be 004-R00 or newer.

+ Applicable Products

  • DS3608-SR DS3678-SR Ultra Rugged Scanners
  • RS6000 Ring Scanner