Scanners - Misdecodes in third party software

Article ID: 72902681

Issue / Question

User is experiencing random misdecodes on a specific software when connected via USB HID Keyboard Emulation

Applicable To

DS9208, DS8108, DS4308, LS2208, DS4608, DS9908

Resolution / Answer

A USB keystroke delay can be set for medium delay 20 (msec) or long delay 40 (msec) milliseconds. These settings will slow down data transfer and give the third party software more time to process the incoming transmitted data, preventing misdecodes

+ Applicable Products

  • DS4608-DL
  • DS4608-DPE
  • DS4608-HC
  • DS4608-HD
  • DS4608-SR
  • DS4608-XD
  • DS8108-HC
  • DS8108-SR
  • DS9208 Omnidirectional Hands-Free Presentation Imager
  • DS9908-HD
  • DS9908-HD DS9908R-HD
  • DS9908-SR
  • DS9908-SR DS9908R-SR
  • DS9908R-HD
  • DS9908R-SR
  • Symbol DS4308
  • Symbol DS4308-HC
  • Symbol DS4308P
  • Symbol LS2208 General Purpose Bar Code Scanner