DS9908-R Set country of operation to enable RFID functionality

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How to set country of operation to enable DS9908-R RFID functionality
Device not reading RFID tags

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Resolution / Answer

Option A:
1. Download and install 123Scan Utility. Read More>>
2. Select 'Create new configuration file'
3. If DS9908-R is connected, select 'My scaner is connected via USB cable' else select the other option, 'My scanner is NOT connected'.
4. Select DS9908
5. Select the scanner model that matches your scanner part number (SKU). In this example, we clicked on [Release 011 - 2019.05 (CAAECS00-002-R03]

6. Select item #5 from the menu option -- RFID (RFID models only)
7. Set 'Country of Operation'. In this example, we selected 'United States' (default is 'No region set')

Option B:
1. Download the DS9908R Hands-Free Imaging Scanner Product Reference Guide Supplement (en) posted in Support Portal. Download File>>
2. On page 44, scan the appropriate country of operation. In this example, we have United States.

+ Applicable Products

  • DS9908R-HD
  • DS9908R-SR