Setting a TC70 Android Device to a Factory Default Settings

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How To Set a TC70 Device to an "out of box" Factory default state using Factory Reset zip file from Support Site?

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Resolution / Answer

1. Navigate on PC Browser to Zebra Support Site

2. search for TC70 

3. search (select link) for appropriate device you are using (GMS, Non-GMS, FIPS) (select link) for appropriate device you are using (Lollipop, KitKat) 

5. search (select link) for appropriate version OS (BSP) that is currently on device (02.10.02, 20.02, etc) 

6. Select full image plus sign to expand section 

7. search for File with 'RF' embedded in its naming convention (i.e., All Factory Reset packages will contain 'RF' in the title. Read file description underneath.
(i.e., "TC70 Android Lollipop GMS Factory Reset Recovery package v20.02") 
NOTE: be sure to always chose the zip file and not 'apf' file.

8. Select Download Link on the right-hand side of the window to download the zip file to your PC... 
NOTE: (software entitlement will be verified at time of download if user is permitted to download the file)

9. copy the file to an external SDcard and insert into device (under battery). 

10. Put the device into recovery mode (see integrator guide, page 1-10) 

11. use the arrow keys to select the zip file on the external SDcard 

12. process will launch and device will reboot when complete 

NOTE: If you want to remove any installed Patches or Lifeguard CFE from the device you need to load the BASE OS and then do a Factory Reset

NOTE2  the 'RF' FactoryReset file will not wipe the Internal 1 GB SDcard. In order to wipe the Internal and External added SDcard the Full Factory Reset package needs to be downloaded and used. (NOT Applicable to Android Lollipop)


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  • TC70