Skip Power Option Menu In CE7 Devices

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Issue / Question

Skip Power Option Menu in CE7 Devices

Applicable To

MC32-CE7 and MC92-CE7

Resolution / Answer


1. Create a registry with content as below and modify the bold values according to the note:

"DefaultAction" = dword:0x0000cece 
"ShowUIOnPwrKey" = dword:00000000
"AllowAutoBattSwap" = dword:00000000
-DefaultAction has 2 values, Suspend = 0x0000cece (Default) and BattSwap = 0x0000baba 
-The UI can be turned on or off by setting ShowUIOnPwrKey to DWord 00000000 or 00000001 (default)
-AllowAutoBattSwap is required to automatically enter Safe Battery Swap, either through timeout or with no UI. Default is 00000000
-Once you skip these options and Select Suspend as default, user should NOT swap batteries.  Battery swap is only supported using the power menu and selecting Battery Swap.
2. Copy the registry to device's Application folder.
3. From device screen, click and execute the registry. Select "Yes" if a notification prompted for registry execution.
4. Warm boot the device by pressing the power button until device reboot.

+ Applicable Products

  • MC3200 Mobile Computer
  • MC9200 Mobile Computer