Step to insert SIM card in TC25

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How to install SIM card?
How to insert SIM card in TC25?
What type of SIM card can use in TC25?

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NOTE: Only use a nano SIM cards that meet the ESTI TS 102.221 standard for nano SIM cards, form factor 4FF (0.67mm thick). Do not use SIM cards that are cut from thicker mini or micro SIM cards.

  1. To install a SIM card, using a #0 Philips screwdriver, remove two screws securing the access door.

  1. Remove access door.

  1. Align the SIM card with the SIM slot.

  1. Push the SIM card into the SIM slot.

            ** CAUTION: Access door must be replaced and securely seated to ensure proper device sealing.

  1. Replace the Access door.

  1. Secure door.

+ Applicable Products

  • TC25