Steps to Factory Reset MC92N0 Windows CE7.0 via Bootloader

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Issue / Question

How to perform factory reset (clean boot and blank) on a MC92N0 Windows CE7.0 via Bootloader?
MC92N0 Windows CE7.0 device is locked and customer needs to wipe this device

Applicable To

MC92N0 Windows CE7.0

Resolution / Answer

1. Download the MC92N0 Windows CE7.0 clean boot and blank .ZIP file -- -- from Support Portal. Download Files>>
2. Unzip this file and only copy the following files from \92xxc70xxxDBA00001\OSUpdate\Images to the root of the SD card

  • CleanAppl.hex
  • CleanPlat.hex

3. Install the SD card into the MC92N0. The SD card slot is underneath the keypad. To insert the SD card, please refer to the MC92N0 Integrator Guide. See e-page 38 | Section 2-6. Read More>>
4. To load files from an SD Card, please refer to e-pages 132 and 133 | Section 8-10 and 8-11. Read More>>
5. Use the up and down scroll buttons to navigate and select CleanPlat.hex then press Enter. This wipes the Platform partition.
6. Navigate and select CleanAppl.hex then press Enter. This wipes the Application Partition
7. After wiping the Flash memory partitions, navigate and select All Done then press Enter.
8. Navigate and select Exit then press Enter.
9. The MC92N0 will reboot and the calibration screen will be displayed.

* At this point, factory reset is completed.

+ Applicable Products

  • MC9200 Mobile Computer