TekTerm for Windows Remap Page Up and Page Down To F25/F29

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Issue / Question

How to have TekTerm use Page Up[ Page Down as Roll Down Roll p  for AS400 5250 emulation

Issue Details

WinTekTerm's 5250 Emulation by default maps the AS400 5250 Roll Up and Roll Down keys to Function Keys F25 and F29

  • F29 will send Roll Up
  • F25 will send Roll Down

These function keys are not readily accessible from a Windows Keyboard

Applicable To

VC80 TekTerm WinTekTerm

Resolution / Answer

To have TekTerm Remap the Functions to the Windows keyboard Page Up Page Down keys create an text file named openttmap.txt with the following contents

# Windows Keyboard PGUP F25(RollDown) PGDN F29(RollUP) 
0xe0ad 0xe019 
0xe0ac 0xe01d  

Copy the openttmap.txt to the TekTerm installation Folder Typically  C:\Program Files (x86)\TekTerm

When TekTerm is started it will read this file and convert the keys to act as the following

Page Up = Roll Down 
Page Down = Roll Up  

Modified openttmap.txt file attached for download


+ Applicable Products

  • VC80 Vehicle-mounted Computer