TekTerm Server- Where is the CONFIG.USR

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Where is the config.usr file on the new Tekterm server software?

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TekTerm Server


The config.usr file holds the configuration of the TEKTERM server (previously known as CommServer), it can be useful to examine when investigating controller issues.

Starting with version 7.0.40677 of the TekTerm Server (previously known as CommServer) software the config.usr file does not reside in the same path as previous versions. It now resides in the hidden path

"C:\ProgramData\Motorola Solutions\TekTerm Server"

TekTerm Server 8.0.42579 and above  stores the config.usr file in the hidden path

"C:\ProgramData\TekTerm Server"

As noted, the \ProgramData folder is a hidden folder in a default Windows O/S install, 
Hidden files/folders will need to be enabled via the Folder Options/View tab in Explorer by selecting the "Show hidden files, folders and drives"  check box.

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