Touch Input is Not Enabled

Article ID: 23122050

Issue / Question

When connect an external display, touch input is not enabled.

Applicable To

R12, J3500,  J3600,  CL900,  CL910,  F5t/C5t, F5te/C5te

Resolution / Answer

Run touch setup on the desired display. Make sure a PC mouse is attached to your tablet.

1.    Open Motion Dashboard.
2.    Select the Pen & Tablet category.
3.    Tap the Tablet PC Settings button.

4.    Tap the Display tab, then tap Setup next to “Configure your pen and touch displays.”

5.    Tap Touch Input, then press the Enter key until you see the instructions appear on  the display that you want to use for touch input.
6.    Follow the on-screen instructions for setting up touch on this display.

If you require further assistance please contact your Motion Service Provider.

+ Applicable Products

  • C5t
  • C5te
  • CL900
  • CL910
  • F5t
  • F5te
  • J3500
  • J3600
  • R12