Update Enterprise Browser Configuration using SOTI MobiControl

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How to edit / update the Enterprise Browser config.xml file using SOTI MobiControl

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Enterprise Browser

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Enterprise Browser is a powerful, next generation industrial browser that enables developers to build feature-rich web applications that integrate seamlessly with the features in Zebra mobile computers and peripherals.


Method 1
1. Remote Control target device. Example MC92N0 WEH6.5
2. Using Explore Tool, navigate to config directory. Read More>>

3. Replace file with the new and updated config.xml file from your Windows machine.

Method 2
Create a File Sync Rule (Direction - 'Download file(s) from Server to Devices) to deploy the new and updated config.xml file.

  • For Windows Mobile, click HERE
  • For Android+ click HERE

Method 3
1. Create a Package that includes the new and updated config.xml file.
2. Create a Profile, add the Package from step 1. Read More>>
3. Assign the Profile to deploy new and updated config.xml file.

+ Applicable Products

  • Enterprise Browser
  • Enterprise Browser