Update Scanner Firmware

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Issue / Question

How to update scanner firmware?

Where to find the firmware's latest patch?

Applicable To

DS35, DS36, DS42, DS457, DS46,DS48, DS6607, DS6608, DS6707, DS6878, DS9208, LI2208, LI36, LI4278, LS34, LS35, LS9203i, LS9208i, MP6000, MS4400, CS4070, DS3578, DS4308, DS6700, DS6708, DS7708, DS9808, LS1203, LS2208, LS3008, LS42X8, LS7708, LS7808

Resolution / Answer

End Of Service Life (EOSL) Zebra no longer provide services or support for MS4400, DS6607, DS6608, LS7808, and LS9208i products. This knowledge article is for your reference only and is no longer proactively updated.
For more details, refer to Discontinued Barcode Scanners. If you are interested to upgrade your products, Contact Zebra.


  1. Visit the Zebra support portal and download the 123ScanUtility to your device. 
  2. Connect the Scanner/Cradle via USB to the PC. (Wireless Scanners must be in the Cradle). 
  3. Open the 123Scan and click on Update Scanner Firmware

  1. Follow the instructions in the screenshots: 


+ Applicable Products

  • CS3000 Series
  • DS1000
  • DS1001
  • DS2208-HC
  • DS2208-SR
  • DS2278-HC
  • DS2278-SR
  • DS3407 Handheld Scanner
  • DS3408 Handheld Scanner
  • DS3478
  • DS3478-SF Handheld Scanner
  • DS3500-ER Series
  • DS3508 Series of Rugged 1D 2D Imager Scanners
  • DS3608-DP DS3678-DP Ultra Rugged Scanners
  • DS3608-DPA
  • DS3608-DPX
  • DS3608-ER DS3678-ER Ultra Rugged Scanners
  • DS3608-HD DS3678-HD Ultra Rugged Scanners
  • DS3608-HP DS3678-HP Ultra Rugged Scanners
  • DS3608-SR DS3678-SR Ultra Rugged Scanners
  • DS3678-DPA
  • DS3678-DPX
  • DS4208
  • DS4208-HC Handheld 2D Imager for Healthcare Applications
  • DS4308-XD 1D 2D Extreme Density Imager Scanner
  • DS457 Series
  • DS4608-DL
  • DS4608-DPE
  • DS4608-HC
  • DS4608-HD
  • DS4608-SR
  • DS4608-XD
  • DS4800 Series
  • DS6700
  • DS6707
  • DS6707-DP Handheld DPM Digital Imager Scanner
  • DS6707-DS6708
  • DS6707-HD Handheld Digital Imager Scanner
  • DS6708
  • DS6878-DL
  • DS6878-HC
  • DS6878-SR Cordless Bluetooth 2D Imager
  • DS8108-HC
  • DS8108-SR
  • DS8178-HC
  • DS8178-SR
  • DS9208 Omnidirectional Hands-Free Presentation Imager
  • DS9808-R
  • DS9908-HD DS9908R-HD
  • DS9908-SR DS9908R-SR
  • EP10 Mobile Computer
  • LI2208
  • LI2208-HC
  • LI2208-HC Healthcare Scanner
  • LI3608-ER
  • LI3608-SR
  • LI3678-ER
  • LI3678-SR
  • LI4278
  • LS3400 Handheld Scanner
  • LS3408 Handheld Scanner
  • LS3408-ER Rugged Bar Code Scanner
  • LS3408-FZ Rugged Bar Code Scanner
  • LS3578 Rugged Bar Code Scanner
  • LS3578-ER Rugged Bar Code Scanner
  • MP6000 Scanner Scale
  • MP6200 Scanner Scale
  • MP7000 Multi-Plane Scanner
  • MS4717
  • MT2000 Mobile Terminals
  • MiniScan MS12xx Fixed Mount Bar Code Scanner
  • RS507 Hands Free Imager
  • Symbol CS1504 General Purpose Bar Code Scanner
  • Symbol CS4070 Companion Scanner
  • Symbol CS4070-HC Companion Scanner
  • Symbol DS 6708-DL Handheld Imager Scanner
  • Symbol DS3578 Series
  • Symbol DS4308
  • Symbol DS4308-HC
  • Symbol DS4308P
  • Symbol DS6700 1D 2D Imager Scanner
  • Symbol DS7708
  • Symbol DS9808 Hybrid Presentation Imager
  • Symbol LS1203 General Purpose Bar Code Scanner
  • Symbol LS1203-HD General Purpose Handheld Scanner
  • Symbol LS2208 General Purpose Bar Code Scanner
  • Symbol LS3008 Rugged Bar Code Scanner
  • Symbol LS4208 General Purpose Bar Code Scanner
  • Symbol LS7708 General Purpose Presentation Scanner
  • Symbol LS7808 General Purpose Bar Code Scanner
  • Symbol MiniScan MS954 Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner