Upgrade Ivanti Velocity Client using StageNow Tool

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How to create a StageNow profile that will upgrade the existing Ivanti Velocity client version?

Applicable To

All Zebra Android devices with pre-installed Velocity Client

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Ivanti Velocity is an Android client that can connect to Telnet hosts (including IBM 5250/3270 and VT100/220), web apps, and Oracle SIM hosts. For Telnet and Oracle SIM hosts, it can present applications to your users in a modern touch interface, either with automatic, predictive reformatting or with a customized experience. Read More>>

Application Manager (AppMgr) administers the user applications on the device. It can be used to programmatically install, uninstall, upgrade and turn on (or off) the ability to launch an application, all with no need for user interaction. Read More>>

1. Create a StageNow profile using Expert Mode.
2. Under Settings tab, select FileMgr then AppMgr
3. Config tab should list FileMgr followed by AppMgr. Hit [Add] to proceed

4. Will use FileMgr to transfer the new version of Ivanti Velocity Client. For example Velocity_Android_ARM_2.0.9.apk.
5. Set 'Target Path and File Name' to /sdcard/Velocity_Android_ARM_2.0.9.apk.
6. Click on the (...) to browse for the location of the Velocity Client .APK file -- Velocity_Android_ARM_2.0.9.apk

7. Hit [Continue] then for AppMgr, set 'Action' to 'Upgrade'
8. And 'APK Path and Name' to /sdcard/Velocity_Android_ARM_2.0.9.apk (same target path in step 5)

9. Hit [Continue], review if needed then hit [Complete Profile>]
10. Test the completed profile.

11. After the device has been successfully stage, the Velocity Client version is now updated. For example 2.0.9.

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