Upgrading VC70N0 system software

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How to upgrade the VC70N0 operating system?

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Resolution / Answer

How to check current version:

Click on Start> Setting> Control Panel> System Info> System tab> OEM Version:
Example: 05.57.03


Upgrade Instruction:

OS Upgrade Mode:

  1. Download required VC70N0 OS image from Zebra Support Portal
  2. Extract image ZIP file and copy its content (OSUpdate folder) to the \temp folder of the VC70N0 (or the root of a microSD storage card).
  3. Place the device to be upgraded on AC power supply. Please do not remove the device from A/C power during update process.
  4. Navigate to the \temp\OSUpdate folder and double tap the VC70c70Ben_TEMP shortcut (or VC70c70Ben_SD shortcut if the package is stored on the microSD) to run the update package. The update process starts and the OS ROM UPDATE IN PROGRESS screen displayed.
  5. Check the OEM version to confirm OS update done successfully.

Important note: The update will take about few minutes to complete.  Please do not remove the device from A/C power during this time.


+ Applicable Products

  • VC70N0