Use Filter Manager to quickly see which devices is installed with LifeGuard updates

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Issue / Question

How to access Zebra LifeGuard patch version in SOTI MobiControl?

How to use Filter manager to quickly see which device(s) is installed with LifeGuard updates?

Applicable To

TC51 TC56 TC70x TC75x Android devices installed with LifeGuard updates

Resolution / Answer

1. Open MobiControl WEB console

2. Select Filter Manager...

3. Click Add Filter

4. Select Device Property

5. For Name, enter desired name. Example OEM Version. Under Filter Criteria, select OEMVersion and for Description, select Contains equal to 008.

6. Hit OK to save then close Filter Manager.

7. Use OEM Version filter to quickly see devices that is updated with LifeGuard update. Example Update 008

TC75x Device Information -- OEM version


+ Applicable Products

  • TC75x