Using Velocity on the ET50 and pairing an external LI3678 or DS3678

Article ID: 29859536

Issue / Question

LI3678/DS3678 Cordless Bluetooth causes the on-screen Velocity keyboard to become blank.

Applicable To

LI3678, DS3678, ET50

Resolution / Answer

On the ET50, A Bluetooth scanner connected as a keyboard will set the on-screen keyboard to hide. Similar if you connect a Bluetooth keyboard to the tablet, this usually is the expected behavior. After pairing the scanner, configure the on-screen keyboard to not hide.

You can get the SIP Keyboard to work simultaneously with external HID scanner by changing the following OS settings:

On your device:

  1. Go to the Android Settings 
  2. Go to Language & Input 
  3. Click on “Current Keyboard”; select the item representing the current keyboard
  4. There is an option within here that says “Hardware: Show input method” 
    • This is set to OFF by default 
    • Change this to ON 


+ Applicable Products

  • DS3608-SR DS3678-SR Ultra Rugged Scanners
  • ET50
  • LI36X8-SR