VC80: Disable 802.11D

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How to disable 802.11D on the VC80

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This is a two step process.

First confirm the interface instance and then apply a registry change to that interface.

How to confirm the radio's registry instance

1.       Control Panel – Network and Sharing Center – Change adapter settings 

2.       Right click on the Wireless interface and select Properties

3.       Press “Configure” button

4.       Select “Details” tab

5.       In the drop down box select “Driver Key”

6.       Check the last 4 digits, are likely 0011

If these digits are different you need to edit the “VC80Disable802.11D.reg” file. The last 4 digits in the first line should be the same as what you saw above (step # 6):



If not change them to match what the Interface details showed you in step # 6 above.
Now run that .reg file and reboot to be sure the values are used by the radio driver.


+ Applicable Products

  • VC80 Vehicle-mounted Computer