VC80 Enable PXE Network Boot

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Issue / Question

VC80 - PXE Boot not working

Applicable To

VC80 Windows

Resolution / Answer

VC80 PXE support configuration.
PXE must be configured in the VC80 BIOS as it is not enabled by default.

Required tools:

  • A USB keyboard to Navigate and configure the BIOS menu.
  • VC80 with external power source
  • Ethernet connection

BIOS Setup

  1. Connect USB-keyboard to the VC80.
  2. Connect Ethernet cable to the VC80.
  3. Connect external power to the VC80.
  4. Power-on VC80.
  5. Press "ESC key" while booting to display the BIOS setup menu.
    1. Select "Advanced" TAB.
      1. Select "Network Stack Configuration" with the ENTER key.
      2. Change "Network Stack" setting to "Enabled".
        1. Enable the version of IP that is required (v4 and or v6).
    2. Press “ESC key” back to the “Advanced” menu TAB.
    3. Select “CSM Configuration” TAB.
      1. Select “Network” under the “Option ROM execution” section.
      2. Select “UEFI” or “Legacy” for the required PXE boot method.
  6. Press "F4 key" to Save & Exit

VC80 will boot up.

  1. Press "F7 key" during the boot process to display the “boot menu”.
  2. Select the correct Ethernet controller family (IP v4/IPv6)

VC80 will request an IP address via DHCP


+ Applicable Products

  • VC80 Vehicle-mounted Computer