VC80 slow in WIFI reconnection

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VC80 slow in WIFI reconnection

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If you are facing slow reconnecting back to AP, please consider to enable WIFI Reconnect Service.

Steps to enable WIFI Reconnect Services:
1. Search for services.msc
2. Look for WIFI Reconnection Manager.
3. Start WIFI Reconnection Manager services and ensure Auto startup was configured.

WiFiReconnectService The WifiReconnectService is a lightweight Windows Service that is designed to run in the background on any VC80 (Windows 7) device. It is included in the VC Control Panel installer. The service continuously monitors the WiFi connection state. It attempts reconnection to the last known good SSID in the event of a disconnect, or scans and reconnects to any saved network with a reasonable signal strength. The software is used to counteract slow default reconnect performance through the native WiFi stack. By default, the WifiReconnectService is set to Startup Type Manual (does not launch at startup).

For more information about WIFI reconnect service, please refer to VC80 user guide page 28.

+ Applicable Products

  • VC80 Vehicle-mounted Computer
  • VC80X