VC80X: Touch Screen Behaviour

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Issue / Question

VC80x touch screen behaviour is different compared to other Android devices.

• The user must apply more pressure on the icons with the finger.

• Dual-touch gestures like Pinch to Zoom and Rotate are not supported.

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Resolution / Answer

  • Consumer class Android devices typically have a capacitive touch screen, the VC80x is equipped with a resistive touch screen.
  • The VC80x is designed with a resistive touch screen providing the following benefits:
    • Better resistance against impacts.
    • Better performance with thick gloves.
    • Better performance in wet conditions.
  • Can be heated to improve visibility in condensing environments.
  • Users may need some time to get used to the capacitive/resistive performance differences.
  • With the combination of the vibrator/ touch screen data entry is faster and more accurate compared to similar VCs in the market.

+ Applicable Products

  • VC80X