Velocity 2.0 - Will my MC92N0 Android device be pre-licensed for this latest Velocity client

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Issue / Question

A customer would like to upgrade their MC92N0 Android devices to Velocity 2.0, but needs to know how to check their devices to see if they will be pre-licensed for this version for the Velocity client.

Applicable To

MC92N0 Android devices

Resolution / Answer

MC92N0 Android devices with a Manufacture Date prior to July 1, 2017 will be pre-licensed only for the Universal Android Client from Ivanit.

These devices are not pre-licensed for Velocity.
Product Management is working with Ivanti to see about offering a discounted price for the Velocity software on these devices with Manufacture Dates prior to July 1, 2017.  
At this time, if the user wants to upgrade to Velocity, they will be required to purchase the Velocity client for each device at full price.


Ivanti checks the Manufacture Date on these devices starting with Velocity version 1.2.109.  
If the Manufacture Date is July 1, 2017 or newer, then the MC92N0 will be pre-licensed (starting with BSP 02-13-0309 and BSP 03-13-1006)
A customer can run the following versions of Velocity on these MC92N0 Android devices:

  • Version 1.2.109
  • Version 1.2.111
  • Version 1.2.112
  • Version 2.0x

+ Applicable Products

  • MC9200 Mobile Computer