Velocity 2.0x - Setting the Workstation ID within the Velocity Console

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Issue / Question

Using Velocity 2.0x, how would a user configure the Workstation ID on the Velocity Console?

Issue Description

Users need to make sure that both the Velocity Console and the .apk (Velocity Client) that gets loaded to the devices are the same version.

Applicable To

TC75, TC51, TC70, TC8000, TC25, TC56, TC75x, MC3300, TC55, TC70x, MC40, MC9200

Resolution / Answer


The Workstation ID is an ID for mobile devices that are connecting to an IBM Host.  This ID can include static characters and switches, which are used to capture dynamic data specific to each mobile device.  
The Workstation ID can be set for any 5250 or 3270 Emulation Type.
The Most common IBM Emulation Type used is IBM-5251-11.  We will use this Emulation Type for this article.

The user will start a new Velocity Project, or go in to an existing Velocity Project.

The Highlighted Emulation Types are the ones that support Workstation ID.  As mentioned, for this article, we will select IBM-5251-11.

After selecting IBM-5251-11, here is what you will see:

The user can now configure the Workstation ID for the Emulation Type selected.

A Workstation ID can be 1 - 20 alphanumeric characters plus switches, but IBM hosts usually truncate Workstation ID's that are more than 10 characters. 
The Workstation ID should not begin with a numeric character.

The Workstation ID supports the following variables:

  • %a - %d - Represents specific octets of the IP address of the mobile device.  For example, use %c%d to capture the last two octets of the IP address of the mobile device.  
  • %m - %r - Represents specific octets of the MAC address of the mobile device.  For example, use %p%q%r to capture the last three octets of the MAC address of the mobile device.
  • %s - Represents the session number.  This comes from the customer's server.
  • %t - Represents the terminal ID of the mobile device.  This value is being pulled from Avalanche.  To use this switch, the devices need to be managed by Avalanche. 

+ Applicable Products

  • MC3300
  • MC40
  • MC9200 Mobile Computer
  • TC25
  • TC51
  • TC55 Touch Computer
  • TC56
  • TC70
  • TC70x
  • TC75
  • TC75x
  • TC8000