Velocity - Backspace not working with VT220 Emulation

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Issue / Question

The default Backspace key (HEX value 0008) does not respond when pressed on the physical keyboard or soft keyboard inside my Velocity VT220 Emulation session.

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MC33, MC92, MC93, Velocity, Android, Emulation, Ivanti, Wavelink, VT, VT220

Resolution / Answer

The default key mapping for the Backspace key using VT Emulation sends a HEX 0008 to the host.
In some cases, we have found that this HEX value is not accepted by certain hosts.
When the default Backspace key is pressed, nothing happens on the input field where the cursor is located.

We have found that the default Backspace key needs to be remapped to a HEX value of 007F which is a Backspace Delete value.
For both VT100 and VT220, the Velocity KeyMap is the same for the Backspace Delete value:

Highlighted in Yellow shows the default Backspace key value in HEX
Highlighted in Green shows the Backspace Delete key value in HEX

In Velocity, the user can bring in a pre-loaded Script and remap the default value of 0008 to the new value of 007F.

  • Inside the Velocity Console select Scripts:

  • Select Library to bring up the pre-populated Library of Velocity Scripts:

  • Highlight the Key Macro Script and press OK:

  • Click in the box to put a check mark in the Script:

  • Select Link to link the Script to your Velocity Project:

  • Select the default Scope of "session".  This applies the Script to the whole Velocity profile:

  • You will now see the following Script where you can modify your default value and select a new value:

  • The values need to be entered as HEX values.  The description provides the format to be used.


  • Enter the following values to change the default value of the Backspace key to the Backspace Delete:

  • Select Save to save this added Script to your Project:

  • Select Deploy to create your new .wldep (Deployment File):

  • Send your new .wldep file to your Mobile Device and test.


+ Applicable Products

  • MC3300
  • MC9200 Mobile Computer
  • MC9300 Mobile Computer