WT41N0 CE7.0 and HS3100 Bluetooth headset connection (HFP or HSP)

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Issue / Question

How to pair and connect a HS3100 Bluetooth headset to a WT41N0 CE7.0 mobile computer

Applicable To

WT41N0 CE7.0


Resolution / Answer

Power on HS3100

1. Press the Multi-Function button (MFB).
2. Wait for the headset LED to illuminate blue and flash three times.

Put the HS3100 to Pairing Mode

1. Press MFB for three seconds
2. Headset LED to illuminate blue and red alternate flashes

From the WT41N0

1. Launch BTExplorer (tap on the Bluetooth status icon from the task bar then select Show BTExplorer)

2. Tap File> New Connection

3. From the drop-down list, select Connect to Headset wizard then tap Next.

4. Wait for device and service discovery process to finish.

5. Select the target Bluetooth headset. Example Zebra HS3100 then tap Next.

6. Select desired Bluetooth service (Hands-Free unit or Headset) then tap Next.

Hands-Free unit uses Hands-Free Profile (HFP) specification
Headset uses Headset Profile (HSP) specification
For more info, click HERE.

7. On Connection Favorite Options, tap Next to save this connection as a favorite.

8. On Connection Summary, tap Connect.

9. On Confirm Connection, tap Yes to allow headset to pair.

10. If connected, displayed name is bold and/or  Bluetooth status icon shows a double-sided green arrow.


At this point, audio should be routed to Bluetooth headset


+ Applicable Products

  • HS3100 Wireless Headset
  • WT41N0 Wearable Terminal Series