Wavelink Setup for DS3608 ER attached to FLC9000

Article ID: 26639307

Issue / Question

Configuration of DS3608 ER with the FLC9000 cradle and scanning into Wavelink

Applicable To

DS3608, FLC9000

Resolution / Answer

Since the DS3608 ER requires power from the USB and the Serial ports on the FLC9000, you must enable power to them with the Device and Wavelink configurations.

Setup requires cables: CBA-UF5-C09ZAR, and 25-71915-01R

MC92N0 instructions:
1. Enable USB Power
2.  a) On the WM OS:  Start-> Settings -> System > USBconfig > Set to USB Host Mode
      b) On the CE OS: Start ->Settings -> Control Panel > USBconfig > Set to USB Host Mode
3. Enable Com Port Power:
4. Telnet CE PC configuration tool for 7.x clients. 
5. Emulation Parameters > Com Port > Use Com Port Input/Output > Set to Yes


+ Applicable Products

  • DS3608-ER DS3678-ER Ultra Rugged Scanners