When ET55 main batteries are fully discharged and terminal is powered off, connecting Power Pack batteries doesn’t power on the ET55 terminal immediately

Article ID: 09180397

Issue / Question

When the tablet gets completely discharged and turns off, tablet does not boot immediately after inserting the Power pack battery and pressing Power Pack Button.

Issue Details

After main battery in ET55 is completely drained off and terminal is turned off, inserting Power pack batteries doesn’t turn on the ET55 terminal immediately.

Applicable To

ET55 Windows, Android M (GMS & NGMS)

Resolution / Answer

The Power Pack provides additional power to charge the main battery. The longer the device battery is left without charging, the battery power will continue to drop. The Power Pack will deliver power to allow the device battery to come back up to a usable state.

After connecting Power Pack to terminal and followed by Power Pack button pressed, it takes around 5 minutes to boot up on ET55 terminal.

+ Applicable Products

  • ET50
  • ET55