Why I can not license my Enterprise Browser 2.x?

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Issue / Question

I have applied my license activation ID into my Zebra android device in license manager however my Enterprise Browser is showing unlicensed when launched.

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Enterprise Browser , ZSL ( Zebra Software Licensing)

Resolution / Answer

  • Check you have installed correct Enterprise Browser 2.0 and not version 1.x which uses different licensing mechanism.

  • Check that you have add Correct activation ID under license manager. 
There are two SKU products for windows and Android please refer to Article which Part number I need to order for Enterprise Browser 2.x or 1.x
License manager allow end user to add activation ID for different Products per design, Enterprise browser when started will verify if valid Enterprise Browser license activation ID is being installed on the unit.If none detected for the appropriate OS version, it will display unlicensed Message. 


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