Write to RFID Tag Using Zebra RFID Application for iOS Device

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RFD8500: write to RFID tag (connected to iOS device)

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Zebra RFID Application is available from APP Store for iOS devices.

1. Dynamic Power Optimization (DPO) must be disabled from the Power Management screen to allow access operation functionality.
2. The Tag Pattern area is automatically filled in when a tag is selected/highlighted in the Inventory screen.

• Tag ID & Password values are in hex. Tag ID is edited.
• Memory Bank options: EPC, RESERVED, TID and USER.
• Offset and Length values are in 16-bit words.

3. Inventory must be stopped prior to Read \ Write else you will get the error message:

Access operation failed: Operation in
Progress-Command Not Allowed.

4. Enter new data in the Data Field
5. Tap WRITE (you should get a message 'Write succeed' if not, bring the tag closer to the RFD8500 and/or change the tag orientation.)

+ Applicable Products

  • RFD8500 RFID Reader