Writing the BIN file generated from StageNow unto an NFC tag (ISO 15693)

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Issue / Question

How to write the .BIN file from StageNow to an NFC tag?

Applicable To


Zebra Android devices that supports NFC

Resolution / Answer

1. Create a StageNow profile

2. In the Review section, disable encryption to avoid getting the error 'Tag too small' when writing to an NFC ISO 15693 tag. Read More>>

3. In the Publish section, select NFC then click on Test to generate the .BIN file.

4. Copy this .BIN file unto the Zebra Android device which supports NFC. Example TC51.
5. On the TC51 install Zebra StageNow NFC Writer which is available from Google Play Store. Read More>>


6. Tap on the .BIN file then approach the NFC ISO 15693 tag (open; not locked) to begin writing.


8. Writing is complete when you see the status 'Tag written successfully'
9. To read this tag, launch StageNow client from the Zebra Android device that supports NFC.
10. Make sure NFC Staging is ONthen tap the NFC tag to this device.



+ Applicable Products

  • ET50
  • ET55
  • TC51
  • TC75
  • WT6000 Wearable Terminal