XR12 R12 Companion keyboard will not pair to XR12

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Issue / Question

The customer has a R12 (Motion) Companion keyboard and it will not pair to the XR12 (Xplore) tablet. How do you pair it?

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Resolution / Answer

The older Motion companion keyboard is only compatible with R12 Motion tablets.

The Motion companion keyboards are not Bluetooth keyboards, they were made to work with only the R12 Motion tablet.

The Xplore XR12 and the Motion companion keyboard are incompatible.

The Xplore XR12 companion keyboard will work on both XR12 and R12 tablets because the new Xplore XR12 companion keyboard is a Bluetooth enabled keyboard.

The new XR12 companion keyboard is part# 420060.
The new XR12 companion keyboard with kickstand is part# 420078

+ Applicable Products

  • Xplore XSLATE R12