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- I just purchased an application with software licensing, and tried accessing via the following site:   https://softwarelicensing.zebra.com/login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fdefault.aspx;     When I go to this site, I am unable to access the licenses that I just purchased through this site.
- How does a customer get access to the Licensing Portal to download the software and access their licenses? 
- I tried logging in via my Single Sign On (SSO) login ID for Zebra.com; however, I receive error message .
- What does my entitlement email from Zebra Enterprise Software Licensing look like?

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Zebra Software Licensing (ZSL)

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  1. I just purchased an application with software licensing, and tried accessing via the following site:   https://softwarelicensing.zebra.com/login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fdefault.aspx;     When I go to this site, I am unable to access the licenses that I just purchased through this site. 

For EB 2.0, the software licensing portal has changed.  The new Zebra Software Licenses portal requires new registration.  Follow instructions listed below for accessing the portal.  After registering, the portal can be accessed at the following link:  Zebra Software Licensing


  1. How does a customer get access to the Licensing Portal to download the software and access their licenses? 

End customers first need to register via the Sign-up page for the Zebra Software Licensing Portal, if they haven’t already done so, to access and download the software and licenses for EB 2.0. 

If the end customer account information was not originally included in the SW order from the reseller or the distributor, the reseller or distributor should forward the entitlement email received from Zebra Enterprise Software Licensing to the end customer, who can then claim their entitlement by registering at the  Sign-up page for the Zebra Software Licensing Portal along with the entitlement ID enclosed in the forwarded email. 


  1. I tried logging in via my Single Sign On (SSO) login ID for Zebra.com; however, I received the following error message: 

The reason for the error is that the user has not been registered for the Zebra Software Licenses Portal, even though Single Sign On may exist for other applications.    End customers need to register with the Sign-up page to access their licenses and download software.  Reference your entitlement email, from EnterpriseSoftwareLicensing@zebra.com


  1. What does my entitlement email from Zebra Enterprise Software Licensing look like? 


From: EnterpriseSoftwareLicensing@zebra.com

Dear Customer, 

Thank you for your Zebra Technologies software order. This email confirms receipt of your order and provides you with the associated Activation ID(s) for your licenses and link to access software downloads.  

For an End Customer - 

Please utilize the link below to create an account if this is your first time accessing a Zebra Technologies system. The Software Licenses Portal requires a valid account. Your account will allow you to view entitlements and download software. If you’ve created an account, successfully accessed the Software Licensing Portal, but still do not see your entitlement, please utilize the registration link below to provide the entitlement ID. In this way, you’ll be able to associate your account with the entitlement. 

Click this link to register with your entitlement ID:  


Entitlement ID:  

For Zebra's Distributor/Partner - 

Please register for 'Software License Management' access within Partner Gateway > Connecting Tools > Sales Enablement section.  


If the “Software License Management” access option is not available within the Partner Gateway, please contact the Partner Interaction Center for access.

Click the below link to access 'Software Licenses Portal'   


The following entitlement(s) are granted to: 

              Account Name:  

              Account Type:  

              Account Name:  

              Account Type:  

              Contact Name:  

              Contact Email: 

 Below are the Activation ID(s) that you can use to activate the licenses you recently purchased with Sales Order ID: 22937945 and Entitlement ID: 133d-af66-d39b-4982-8b77-bae6-12cc-7546.  

         Activation ID:              

              Product Name:  

              Product Description:            

              Sales Order ID:   

              Purchase Order ID:  


              Start Date:  

              Expiration Date:             

If you have general questions regarding your Entitlement or Software Download(s), please contact your Zebra Authorized Partner (listed above) or your assigned Zebra Account Team.  

For additional information on Zebra Software Licensing, please click the link below - https://www.zebra.com/us/en/support-downloads/software-licensing.html  

For any technical issues, please visit "Zebra Technical Support" for assistance. Click below - https://www.zebra.com/us/en/about-zebra/contact-zebra/contact-tech-support.html

 Thank you, 

Zebra Technologies 


        5. Where can I find more information regarding the Licensing Portal?  

You can access the end user guide quick reference guide on the Software Licensing Page on Zebra.com. 

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