A Data Matrix Bar Code with ECC Level of 000 - 140 cannot be Scanned

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Issue / Question

A Data Matrix Barcode with ECC Level of 000 - 140 cannot be scanned.

Applicable To

VS4004, P304IMG, DS660X, DS670X, DS6878, DS34X8, DS35X8, DS9808, MS440X and MT20X0

Resolution / Answer

There are two types of Data Matrix barcodes. Data Matrix ECC 000 - 140 has several available levels of convoluted error correction.   
ECC 200 uses Reed-Solomon error correction. The symbol has decided to support the more robust ECC200 variant only.

You can identify the type of Data Matrix barcode you have by looking at the upper right corner (opposite the “L”). An ECC 000-140 code will have a dot in the upper right corner. ECC200 will not have this dot. Examples of both types are shown below.

  • ECC100 sample:

  • ECC200 sample:


NOTE Only use Data Matrix ECC200 bar codes.

+ Product Codes

  • DS3408 Handheld Scanner