Can the CS3070 Save Scanned Bar Codes to a CSV File?

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Can the bar codes scanned by the CS3070 be saved to a CSV file?



Fact - The CS3070 default is to save scanned bar codes to the file BARCODES.TXT.

Yes, the CS3070 config.ini file has to be changed to indicate the correct file type. 

1.     The CS3070 mounts as a drive on the host. Open that drive.

2.     Open the Parameters folder.

3.     Open the config.ini file.

4.     Change the line:

            BarcodeFile=\Scanned Barcodes\BARCODES.txt to read

            BarcodeFile=\Scanned Barcodes\BARCODES.csv

5.     Close the file.

6.     Click Save when prompted.

7.     Unplug the CS3070 to scan bar codes.  All scanned bar code data will be saved will now be saved to the new file, BARCODES.csv.


The file types .csv, .doc, .txt and .xls have all been tested.  Other file types may work as well, but have not been tested.

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