Configuring a WiNG 5 Cluster from Scratch

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How to Configure a WiNG 5 Cluster from Scratch?


  1. On the Primary Switch configure the following at the Configuration > Device level
    • Configure Cluster Name
    • Set Cluster Priority to 250
      • Default is 128
      • Primary must have a higher priority than Secondary
    • Configure Cluster VLAN
      • This is the VLAN that the cluster will be established over
    • Commit/Save 
  2. Login to the CLI of the Secondary Switch and run the following command
    • enable
      join-cluster user admin password superuser
    •” is the IP of the Primary Switch
    • admin” is the admin username of the Primary Switch
    • superuser” is the admin password of the Primary Switch
  3. Wait a minute or so and then run the following command from the CLI of the Primary Switch
    • enable
      show cluster members
    • Verify that the Primary Switch shows Master = True
    • Verify that the Secondary Switch shows Master = False
    • Verify both the Primary and Secondary show Operational-State = Active
  4. Once you have verified the cluster has been established the Secondary switch can be configured as Standby