Configuring an External Scanner to use an Aiming Dot with the Wavelink TE Client on the VC70N

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How can I configure an aiming dot on an external scanner when using the VC70N0 and the Wavelink TE client? Why is there no aiming dot when using an external scanner with the VC70N0 and the Wavelink TE client. After scanning the configuration barcodes for the external scanner in the VC70N0 PRG, as well as scanning the aiming dot configuration barcode, the aiming dot no longer works once the Wavelink TE client is launched.



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Currently if a customer wants to use the aiming dot with an external scanner connected to a VC70N0 running the Wavelink TE client then the barcodes in the VC70N0 PRG should NOT be used.

If an aiming dot is NOT required then the barcodes in the VC70N0 PRG (User Guide) should be used to configure the scanner and the information provided in this solution should NOT be followed.


In order to configure an external scanner to use an aiming dot the following steps should be followed:

  1. Configure the Wavelink Emualtion Parameters using the Wavelink Product Config Utility
a. Follow the "Wavelink Client Setup" steps Read More>>
b.  While still in the Emulation Paramaters set the "Use Com Start/End Chars" to equal "Use only End" 
At this point the Com Port settings should look exactly like this

User-added image

  1. Save all the changes and then push the settings to the mobile unit.
  2. Configure the External Scanner to use an aiming dot when the trigger is pressed
a. Scan the "Trigger Mode Two Stage - Option 1" barcode from the link Read More>>
b. Configure the scanner to send an ETX after all scans by scanning the barcodes in the following document
c. Rule to send ETX after data
  1. Launch the Wavelink TE client on the VC70N0 and verify that the aiming dot works as expected.

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+ Product Codes

  • LS3408 Handheld Scanner
  • LS3408-ER Rugged Bar Code Scanner
  • LS3408-FZ Rugged Bar Code Scanner
  • LS3578-ER Rugged Bar Code Scanner
  • LS3578-FZ Rugged Bar Code Scanner
  • VC70N0