Control Characters are not being Transmitted

Article ID: 91264959

Issue / Question

Scanners shipped with factory default settings are not sending Control characters to the host application.
Ctrl+G is not transmitted.

Applicable To

DS2200 Series (DS2208 / DS2278), DS8100 Series (DS8108 / DS8178), DS4308 / DS4308P

Resolution / Answer

The Keypad Emulation setting is enabled by default and must be disabled to allow scanners to send control characters.  The Disable Keypad Emulation bar code can be found in the scanner's Product Reference Guide in the chapter that matches the host type being used, either:

  • Radio Communications,
  • USB Interface, or
  • Keyboard Wedge

Scan the Disable Keypad Emulation bar code to send Control characters.

Helpful Information

+ Applicable Products

  • DS2200 Series
  • DS8100 Series
  • Symbol DS4308