CS3070 Prevents Use of Android On Screen Keyboard

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Why does the CS3070 stop the on screen keyboard from popping up when connecting to an Android device?


When the CS3070 is connected to a device using the Bluetooth HID Profile it is considered a keyboard by the device.


When the scanner is connected and on, the Android tablet treats it as a keyboard and will not let the on-screen keyboard come up.

Have to turn off the scanner, use the keyboard, and turn the scanner back on.

When CS3070 is connected to Android the virtual or on-screen keyboard does not come up



The setting for "Physical Keyboard" must be set to Off so both the scanner and the on screen keyboard can be used.  Some Android devices may have the setting "Use On-Screen Keyboard"; this selection should be set to On.


Go to Settings

Select "Language & input"

Select Default in the "Keyboard & Input Methods" section

Change setting for Physical Keyboard to Off OR Use On-Screen Keyboard to On