Emulating a COM/Serial Port Over USB using CDC driver

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Issue / Question

How Do I Emulate a COM/Serial Port Over USB?


Applicable To

All DCS Scanners except CSXXXX 

If using DS3578 or LS3578 , Bluetooth FIPs cradle part # STB3578-CF007WR must be used


Resolution / Answer

To emulate a COM port over a USB connection, please follow these steps

  1. Download ONE of the following files based on the architecture of your Windows computer from USB CDC Driver for Windows page:

     - 64 Bit COM Emulation Drivers
     - 32 Bit COM Emulation Drivers

  2. Install the downloaded file.
  3. Reboot the host.

  4. Scan the following bar code

             User-added image

  5. Your scanner should now show up in Device Manager with a COM port number.