How to avoid multiple bar code reading from one page with DS457?

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How to read a bar code from a paper where are multiple bar codes very close together? How to read a specific bar code from one page with multiple bar codes?



DS457 scanner, USB connection.



Pause is set by ADF rule with 123SCAN2 Scanner Configuration Utility. ( Read More>>)
How to set ADF rule with 123SCAN2

  1. Click on Add action.
    • User-added image
  2. Go to Send, select All that remains to send all scanned data barcode information.
    • Press Save & Add another.
    • Then select Pause option and set desired Duration.
    • Press Save to close the action screen.
    • User-added image
  3. Press Print/Save bar codes to print setup barcode.
    • User-added image
  4. Select Bar code type. (It is possible to print 2D bar code for imagers.)
    • User-added image
  5. Press Print and scan the 2D barcode to configure the device.
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