How to install and use netlog

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How to install and use netlog guide ?



Windows CE5.0, CE6.0, Windows Mobile 6.1 and Windows Embedded Handheld (WEH) 6.5 (ship with the ability to capture netlog out of the box) MC75A , Mobile Computers , Micro Kiosks™ , MK500 , MC40HC , MK4000 , MK2200 , VC6090 , VC70N0 , WT41N0 , VC6096 , MC9000 and 9060 CE ,MC75 , MC70 , MC55 , MC9200 , MC67NA , MC50 , MC9190G, MC2180_Delete , MC55N0 , MC65 , EMB Products , MC67ND , MC9090 WM , MC9090 CE , MC9000 and 9060 WM , MK1200 , MK1100 , MK2000 , MC9500K , MC40 , MC45 , MC55A0 , MC55A0HC , VC5090 , VC6000 , MK3100 , MK3000 , MC9090_Delete , VC70 , MC2100 , MC35 , MC3000 , MC3100 , WT4000 , MC17 , MC1000



It will greatly aid the analysis of the captures if the user can tells us the following:

1. Time of event(s)
2. Host/Terminal IP address
3. Specific Messages on terminal when event happens

Zebra Enterprise Support can provide a set of files to add netlog capture on terminals. When netlog is installed, the terminal will accept the following set of commands to begin and end netlog capture:

  • netlogctl start
  • netlogctl stop

By default, these commands will create a file (or set of files) in the root folder with the name netlog0.cap (and netlog1.cap). Once one file is full, the second will be overwritten. There is more information available on netlog command line switches available from Microsoft: Read More>>


This tool logs ALL stack activity. When you active sync, you are using PPP. The PPP traffic from active sync seems to overwrite rather than append data to the netlogx.cap files.

You must stop the trace to copy the file off the device. You must stop the trace stop the trace before active sync, or you will loose the event you just captured.

See the "How To" video See Video>>
Netlog File  Read More>>

Note: Demo'd unit is using Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system and the MC75A other units may vary.