How to Update the CS3070 or CS3000 Firmware

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How do I update the CS3000 or CS3070 firmware?


These instructions apply to both the CS3000 and CS3070 scanners. 

The term CS30X0 is used to apply to both model numbers.

The latest firmware must be requested from the Motorola Solutions Support Center.


1.     If attached, remove the protective cover from the scanner by using your thumb to move the cover forward until it detaches from the scanner.

2.     Connect the mini-USB cable provided in the box with the scanner to the mini-USB port on your scanner and the other end to a PC USB port, as shown below.

(The optional cradle charger accessory can be used in place of the USB cable)

3.     Once the scanner is recognized by the PC, “open” it through the PC’s “My Computer” window, similar in the way you would access a flash drive inserted into the PC’s USB port. Typically, the PC’s desktop will have a “My Computer” icon, if not you can press the  + [E] keys simultaneously to open the “My Computer” window.


4.     Next Open the CS30X0 folder. It will appear as a flash drive on the PC “My Computer” window.


5.     Copy or “drag-and-drop” the files “PAABCS00-011-R00B0.bin" and "TAABCS00-004-R00.bin" into the CS30X0 folder:

6.     Disconnect the USB cable from the scanner. The update will not occur until the USB cable is removed from the scanner.

7.     The scanner LED blinks red and green. Wait 10 seconds for the update to complete.


8.     The LED stops blinking when done.

9.     Reconnect USB cable to scanner and connect the cable to the PC.

10.   "Open" the CS30X0 device again.

11.   Open the Parameters folder.

12.  Open the SYSINFO.TXT file to confirm the new firmware version information.





Version PAABCS00-011-R00 and BT version TAABCS00-004-R00 are the current firmware revisions as of Feb 2014.