LS-3408ER Is Not Sending Data to VRC79XX or VRC89XX

Article ID: 47335863


When the LS3408ER scanner is connected to the VRC79XX or VRC89XX terminal, the scanner does not transmit data


LS3408ER, the VRC79XX or VRC89XX

Root Cause

The LS3408ER has not been programmed to communicate to the VRC79XX or VRC89XX.


  1. The RS232 settings for the LS3408ER need to be configured to match the VRC79XX or VRC89XX RS232 settings.  Wavelink on the VRC79XX or VRC89XX must also be configured properly.
  2. Scan these barcodes to configure the LS3408ER.   
    • Set Defaults: User-added image
    • Standard RS-232: User-added image
  3. The Wavelink Client will require the following settings to be set via the Configuration Manager and sent to the device (note: emulation defaults are 9600, 8, Parity None)
    • Com Port Data Entry Mode = Scanner
    • Com Port Ignore DSR = Yes
    • Com Port Ignore Nulls = Yes
    • Com Port Parity Mask = 7F
    • Use Com Input/Ouput = Yes
    • Disable Scanner = Yes
  4. Send saved configuration to the VRC79XX or VRC89XX

+ Product Codes

  • LS3408-ER Rugged Bar Code Scanner