Omnii Narrowband Configuration

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Customer seeks to configure the narrowband radio on the Omnii family of terminals

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VH10, Omnii XT15;



On the "Advanced" Tab of the "Narrowband Radio" tool in Control Panel…..there is a “Protected Parameters” button

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Click this and enter in the 987654321 password when prompted..…

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…to see the below…

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From there, the customer can choose the correct modulation/baud rate drop down and then click the  “Set default values" button and the radio will automatically configure the correct polling parameters.

If they are using a legacy system, then they need to check the “Legacy support” check box before pressing the “Set default values” button

 The terminal will need  a warm reset after the radio parameters are changed.


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VH10, Omnii XT15
VH10, Omnii XT15
VH10, Omnii XT15

+ Applicable Products

  • Omnii XT15
  • Omnii XT15 Mobile Computer Series
  • Omnii XT15f
  • Omnii XT15ni
  • VH10 Vehicle-mounted Computer