Remote Desktop Connection Troubleshooting and Terminal Services Server Common Issues and Fixes

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The mobile device cannot connect to the remote server. Remote Desktop Terminal Services Server Errors 0xc000018 0x80090304



MC75A , VC6090 , VC70N0 , WT41N0 , VC6096 , MC9000 and 9060 CE , MC75 , MC70 , MC55 , MC9200 , MC67NA , MC50 , MC9190-G , MC55N0 , MC65 , MC67ND , MC9090 WM , MC9090 CE , MC9000 and 9060 WM , ES400 , MC9500-K , MC45 , MC55A0 , MC55A0-HC , MC67 , VC5090 , VC6000 , VC70 , MC2100 , MC3000 , MC3100 , WT4000 , MC17



Device Side Issues

Connection Issues

  1. The Date and Time is set incorrectly on the device
    • Set the date and time on the device
  2. The domain is not specified when connecting (Error 0xc000018b)
    • Try hostname:
    • Try username: domain\username
  3. If you have a Windows CE device
    • Try: In the “Advanced” settings of the client, change the authentication setting to “Connect, even if authentication fails”
  4. If you have a Windows CE 7 device
    • Error 0x8009304 - Read More>> in an article 4809 (Read More>>)
  5. If your server uses a SHA2 or 2048-bit certificate:
    • Windows CE 5, Windows Mobile 5, 6 - You will not be able to connect to your server with this device.
    • Windows Mobile 6.1, 6.5, 6.5.3, and Windows Embedded Handheld (WEH) builds less than 29299 - You must update your OS to WEH build 29299 or higher. These are available on the product page for your device.

Client Issues

  1. Windows CE6
    • GUI Errors 
    • Redraw issue 
    • 14 Character max in username field
    • Update to the latest OS Version
  2. Windows  CE7
    • WT41N0 Client not visible 
    • MC92N0 Client not visible 
  3. Windows Mobile 6.1
    • Client is missing 

Server Side Issues

  1. The security settings in general may be too strict to allow the client on the device to connect, lower them to allow it.
    • Navigate to Start > Administrative Tools > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration.
    • With RD Session Host Configuration selected view under Connections.
    • Right click RDP Listener with connection type Microsoft RDP x.y and choose Properties.
    • In general tab of properties dialog box under Security, select RDP Security Layer as the Security Layer.
    • Click OK
  2. If you recently configured Remote Desktop Licensing: