Remote Desktop Connection Troubleshooting and Terminal Services Server Common Issues and Fixes

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The mobile device cannot connect to the remote server. Remote Desktop Terminal Services Server Errors 0xc000018 0x80090304



MC75A , VC6090 , VC70N0 , WT41N0 , VC6096 , MC9000 and 9060 CE , MC75 , MC70 , MC55 , MC9200 , MC67NA , MC50 , MC9190-G , MC55N0 , MC65 , MC67ND , MC9090 WM , MC9090 CE , MC9000 and 9060 WM , ES400 , MC9500-K , MC45 , MC55A0 , MC55A0-HC , MC67 , VC5090 , VC6000 , VC70 , MC2100 , MC3000 , MC3100 , WT4000 , MC17



Device Side Issues

Connection Issues

  1. The Date and Time is set incorrectly on the device
    • Set the date and time on the device
  2. The domain is not specified when connecting (Error 0xc000018b)
    • Try hostname:
    • Try username: domain\username
  3. If you have a Windows CE device
    • Try: In the “Advanced” settings of the client, change the authentication setting to “Connect, even if authentication fails”
  4. If you have a Windows CE 7 device
    • Error 0x8009304 - Read More>> in an article 4809 (Read More>>)
  5. If your server uses a SHA2 or 2048-bit certificate:
    • Windows CE 5, Windows Mobile 5, 6 - You will not be able to connect to your server with this device.
    • Windows Mobile 6.1, 6.5, 6.5.3, and Windows Embedded Handheld (WEH) builds less than 29299 - You must update your OS to WEH build 29299 or higher. These are available on the product page for your device.

Client Issues

  1. Windows CE6
    • GUI Errors 
    • Redraw issue 
    • 14 Character max in username field
    • Update to the latest OS Version
  2. Windows  CE7
    • WT41N0 Client not visible 
    • MC92N0 Client not visible 
  3. Windows Mobile 6.1
    • Client is missing 

Server Side Issues

  1. The security settings in general may be too strict to allow the client on the device to connect, lower them to allow it.
    • Navigate to Start > Administrative Tools > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration.
    • With RD Session Host Configuration selected view under Connections.
    • Right click RDP Listener with connection type Microsoft RDP x.y and choose Properties.
    • In general tab of properties dialog box under Security, select RDP Security Layer as the Security Layer.
    • Click OK
  2. If you recently configured Remote Desktop Licensing or receive the error: “Because of a security error, the client could not connect to the remote computer. Verify that you are logged on to the network, and then try connecting again.”
    1. Go to RD Licensing Manager
    2. Right click on your Licensing Server name and select properties.
    3. Change Connection Method to 'Web Browser'
    4. Go back to the Licensing Server and right click on your server.  Select Advanced -> 'Reactivate Server'
    5. Reactive server via the given Wizard + web browser
    6. Delete the following registry keys (they will be reset when you reboot) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\RCM
      • Certificate
      • X509 Certificate
      • X509 Certificate ID
      • X509 Certificate2​
    7. Reboot
    • or try additional the solutions on this link - Read More>>.
  3. . If you receive “An internal error has occurred” error message from the remote desktop client:
    • You may need to setup/enable a domain for the server
    • You may need to setup/enable licensing  servers for the server
    • Try disabling Network Level Authentication (NLA) in your remote desktop services role

After each step, check to see if the error has changed or the issue has been resolved.