Removing time and date stamp from a CS4070

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Issue / Question

How can I remove the time and date stamp on a CS4070?

Issue Details 

This resolution is only available for CS4070 Revision E firmware

Applicable To

CS4070 with Revision E firmware

Resolution / Answer

  1. Connect the CS4070 via micro USB cable to a computer USB port
  2. Ensure that the CS4070 has firmware Revision E. You can verify if you have Revision E firmware, by going into to the root of the device; CS4070>Parameters Folder> SYSINFO.TXT you should see; Version=PAACHS00-004-R00B1
    • BT version=TAACHS00-003-R00
    • SE version=PAABLC20-002-R00
    • If Revision E firmware is not seen in the SYSINFO.TXT, it can be downloaded from this link (Download>>)
  3. Follow the path to view the config.ini file; CS4070>Parameters (folder) >Config.ini 
  4. Once in the config.ini file go to TimeFormat=24h DateFormat=MM/DD/YY
  5. Delete “24h” and “MM/DD/YY” TimeFormat= DateFormat=MM/DD/YY
  6. Save the file
  7. Disconnect the CS4070 from the micro USB cable


+ Applicable Products

  • Symbol CS4070 Companion Scanner