Scan-To-IP Setup

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How Do I Set Up Scan-To-IP for the MT2090?



Scan to IP allows the MT2090 to instantly send bar code data over the wireless LAN to a host application such as Word, Excel or Notepad.



Before you use this article to set up Scan-to-IP, you will need to do the following:

  • Download and install Windows Mobile Device Center (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8). For Windows XP computers, you should download and install Microsoft Active Sync for Windows XP.
  • These are both available from Microsoft's website. Please note that Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) and Microsoft ActiveSync are NOT Zebra software packages. For support on either of these applications, please contact MIcrosoft Support.

Connect the MT2090 scanner to an ActiveSync cradle (Model STB2000-C10007R single slot cradle with ActiveSync, NOT the STB2078).

If you do not have an STB2000 cradle:
Note:   Prior to connecting a USB cable to the device, ensure an appropriate tool is available to remove the cable from the device.
  1. The USB data cable (part number CBA-U01-S07ZAR or similar) can be plugged directly into the bottom of the MT2090 handle.
  2. From the Home screen, select option 6 - "Config...".
  3. Select Configure USB (Option 6).
  4. Using the 4-way navigation pad (Up, Down, Left Right) in the middle of the MT2090 keypad, select ActiveSync and press Enter.
  5. Press the CTRL key on the MT2090 keypad to exit the USB Config.
  6. Press 0 on the MT2090 keypad to return to the Home Screen.

To set up Scan-2-IP , please follow these steps.

  1. Download the Scan-to-IP Device Installer and the Host Application from scan-to-ip web page (Read More>>)
  2. Install both applications on your computer. Please note that it may take several minutes for the setup applications to launch. Please do not launch them more than one time.
  3. Launch the Scan-to-IP Device application.
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  4. If you do not have Scan-To-IP Installed on the MT2090, you can click the Install scan-to-IP on MT2090 button.
  5. Skip the Scan-to-IP settings tab. You will configure the Scan-to-IP host application separately. Navigate to the Wireless setup tab.
  6. In the Wireless setup tab, enter in your WLAN information. To obtain your network settings, please contact your Network Administrator or IT Help Desk.
  7. After you have filled in the SSID, and the pass phrase fields, click Transfer wlan profile. Be sure your scanner is in the ActiveSync Cradle or the USB cable is plugged into the bottom of the scanner's handle.
  8. Your WLAN settings should now be stored on your MT2090. The scanner should auto-connect to the network. If the scanner does not connect to your network within 1 minute, follow these steps.
    • From the Home Screen, choose option 6 - Config...
    • Choose Wireless Companion.
    • Choose Manage Profiles
    • Select the profile you want to use, and press the Enter key on the MT2090 keypad. Select Connect and press Enter again.
    • The scanner should now connect to your WiFi network. Press the Blue button, then 0 on the MT2090 keypad to exit the Wireless Companion application. Press the 0 key again to return to the Home screen.
  9. Open the Scan-To-IP Host application. 
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  10. Navigate to the Setup tab.
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  11. If you wish to add a password to the connection, enter the password into the Password text field.
  12. Click Create pairing bar code. This will create a PDF document with the pairing barcode. Print out this bar code.
  13. On the MT2090, go to the Scan-to-IP application (option 4 from the Home Screen).
  14. Scan the pairing bar code you printed out in step 12.
  15. Your device should now be paired to the host computer via WLAN connection. You may now remove the scanner from the cradle, or unplug the data cable from the bottom of the scanner.

Your device is set up and ready to use with Scan-To-IP.

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