Setup of the LS3408ER to Work with the PDT8146 XScale Running a Telnet CE Emulator

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How to scan into the Wavelink TE client using the LS3408 ER connected to the PDT8146? Why won't the LS3408 scan and send data into the TelnetCE application.





TelnetCE application is not set up to use an external scanner on the RS232 port.
LS3408ER scanner is not configured for RS232 mode.
External 5 volt parameter not set in the Windows Mobile 2003 operating system.
Use cable part number CBA-T02-C09ZA (25-68185-01) between LS3408ER scanner and PDT 8146 Xscale.
Configure the Wavelink TelnetCE application to use an external scanner and configure the COM port accordingly.

To configure the WM2003 OS, click Start à Settings à System à Symbol Settings à Power and set the parameter to "On While Terminal is Active". To set this parameter in a REG file and make it cold boot persistent, use the following key values:
"Redirect"="\windows\ctlpnl.exe powerdll.cpl,0"
Open the Wavelink configurator for the TelnetCE client, and set the following parameter values in the “Emulator Parameters” à ” COM Port” section
· "Com port for I/O" set to 4
· "Com Port Ignore Nulls" set to YES
· "COM Port Parity Mask" set to 7F
· " Com Port Baud rate" set to 9600
· " Com Port Data bits" set to 8
· " Com Port Flow Control" set to NONE
· " Com Port Parity" set to NONE
Download the Symbol LS3408 Product Reference Guide for: Read More>>
· Set All Defaults – page 4-5
· Standard RS232 – Page 6-8
· Baud Rate 9600 – Page 6-10
· Parity None – Page 6-12
· Data Bits – 8 Bit – Page 6-13
· Handshaking – None – Page 6-15

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  • LS3408-ER Rugged Bar Code Scanner