Software Needed to Make an MCL for Phaser Project Work on MT2000 Series

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What do I need to make my MCL for Phaser (P360,P460, P370,P470) project work on an MT2070 or MT2090?



SWE-123877-02: MCL Designer for (with converter) for the MT2000 Upgrade- current MCL Designer license is required when placing order.  USB hardware key 50-12000-086R should also be ordered.

The MT2070 is pre-loaded and pre-licensed with the MCL-Client.

The MT2090 is pre-loaded with the MCL-Client, but it is NOT pre-licensed.  The MCL Client license is available for purchase.  SWE-60624-01-MCL Client for qty 1 Pocket/PC CE 3.x

Part numbers for the purchase of multiple quantiities of the MCL Client exist.

For part and ordering information contact Zebra Support within the United States and Canada at 1-800-653-5350.  For all other countries, please refer to Zebra Technologies web for contact information.(Read More>>)

An email address is required for all SWE part numbers ordered so the software can be electronically delivered.

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